Recipes For Preventing Stroke, Blood Clots, and More

One of the key benefits of drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices is that it helps oxygenate your blood and prevents aggregation of your blood platelets. This helps prevent a stroke. Most green juices are especially helpful in this regard.[^1]

Oxygen is essential in the body at the cellular level, used to power the mitochondria by helping generate ATP. Most people don’t realize that they may already be living with a chronic oxygen debt, by chronically breathing too shallow and failing to use the lower parts of our lungs, typically only using up to 20% of the lungs’ capacity.[^1]

In addition to juicing, deep/yoga breathing, especially before a workout can help oxygenate your blood and also helps prevent lactic acid buildup (the pain/burn in your joints and muscles you may feel after working out).[^1]

Some nutrients that help contribute to oxygen enriched blood include:[^1]

Anti-Stroke / Blood Clot Juice

Many strokes or blood clots (thrombosis) occur during air travel, due to prolonged sitting, in addition to air pressure changes. One way to reduce your risk of a blood clot or stroke is to drink the following mixture before flying.[^1]

Even just adding 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil to your morning smoothie can help in this regard.[^1]

Prebiotic Tonic

The most perfect cleansing, healing tonic that you can put into your body.[^1]

Have this 2-3 times a day!

Helps improve Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, Energy Levels, Digestion, Peristalsis, Intestinal Health.[^1]

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